Jeanne produces all the glass products.  Over the years I have seen many examples of stained glass created by many different artisans.  Jeanne's work stands out because of her talent in selecting the right color glass for a given need.  In addition she has an eye for mixing glass types to produce the desired effect.

hawk.jpg (54794 bytes)

One of Jeanne's first and most impressive pieces.  This window has drawn many positive comments.  Art glass varies in price between $75 and $100 a square foot.

humbrd.jpg (92298 bytes)

This is one of my favorites; the beveled glass border frames the stained glass humming birds so well.

jeanne.jpg (94858 bytes)

Although difficult to see in the picture, this sand blasted window is a fine example of the detail work Jeanne does.  If you look closely the window captures humming birds, butterflies, and a grape vine.

num13.jpg (53775 bytes)

For those of you in the area that have been fortunate enough to play the Vestal Hills Country Club golf course, you may recognize this window as the down hill number 12 par three.

small window.jpg (83063 bytes)

Just a small decorative piece that takes on a European flavor.

stgl side lites in doorway.jpg (72021 bytes)

Here is a real creative and increasingly popular use of glass art.  It brings color and warmth to your entrance way.

tallhum.jpg (43897 bytes)

Yes, Humming birds do appear in much of her work.  They are delightful to watch during the summer; a window like this keeps them alive during our cold winters.

wolf.jpg (37125 bytes)

All animals come to life in glass art.  These sun catchers are very popular.

cladah.jpg (830159 bytes)

A very popular item, the Irish claddagh, is used in many of Jeanne's windows and sun catchers.  Here it is used in a window with the Irish blessing.

herin.jpg (634539 bytes)

This bevel glassed heron is my favorite window.  I like it so much it hangs in our library.



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