Perhaps the category that gets the least interest is our milling capabilities.  Perhaps that is because most people do not make a connection with this service.  I hope this page changes that and generates more inquiries.

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We have the ability to saw our own trees, but have you ever thought about harvesting one of your own?  We can saw your trees into most any size lumber you may want.

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We can also kiln dry your lumber in our 4,000 board foot kiln.

Perhaps you're not interested in lumber, but you have a tree you want removed.  We can sometimes offset the cost of tree removal by purchasing the saw logs or by building you a piece of furniture from the tree grandpa may have planted.

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Some of the trees get quite large, but with a little leverage it is amazing what you can move.

boumans cherry livrm floor.jpg (89867 bytes)

Here I am finishing a cherry living room floor that I installed for our neighbors.  We harvested the cherry from trees on their property.  I made the tongue and groove flooring in the furniture shop.

sawing a cherry log.jpg (206515 bytes)

This is a picture of me sawing the cherry logs.

donahue dining room.jpg (843673 bytes)

The above is an example of some of the moldings we make.  We built this window seat in and trimmed the windows with fluted molding and rosettes.

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