This page is new, and it is our first attempt at marketing our products via the internet.  Keep in mind we service the Southern Tier area of Binghamton New York.  We will deliver any of these items free of charge to an area 50 miles distant from Binghamton.  If you are outside this area other arrangements may be made.

Note: The pictures have been edited to reduce file size and thereby enhance web performance.  Unfortunately the edit process sometimes detracts from the appearance of the product.

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      Conoid 1 for web300.jpg (268747 bytes)

The Conoid chair, or "two legged chair" is a very unique design that gets much attention.  The seat and back slats are made from black cherry and will darken with age.  The remainder of the chair is constructed from 2" walnut.  The finish is a satin  lacquer.   Very comfortable!  Very soon we will have a settee made from the same materials and similar style.  Price:  On consignment at Sea Hag Soaps and Mercantile 

  remake music stand for web300.jpg (271505 bytes)  walnut music stand for web300.jpg (277390 bytes)

These music stands are made from the same materials, however they vary slightly in design.  Each have a stand made from black walnut with a black cherry platen.  They are adjustable in both height and the angle of the platen.  A pure joy for anyone that appreciates good music and fine woodworking!  Price:  On consignment at Sea Hag Soaps and Mercantile 

walnut cherry bench 2 for web.jpg (79213 bytes)

As mentioned above this walnut and cherry bench is done in a similar style as the Conoid chair, and together they would make a very complimentary pair.  The seat is a two inch thick slab of cherry that displays the natural shape of the log it was cut from.  The back top rail was steam bent to match the shape of the seat.  Price:  On consignment at Sea Hag Soaps and Mercantile