I tell many prospective customers of kitchen cabinets to first get a quote of what they want from the local home improvement center.  The home improvement centers typically have three grades of cabinets, and reasonable pricing.  I will beat the home improvement center's price for their best quality cabinet, and also beat their quality.

We do this in a number of ways:
we keep material cost under control by logging our own trees
labor is kept under control by doing the work ourselves
there are no markups; you are purchasing from the source
we can customize to your wants and needs because we do not stock an inventory of products
we use the same 3D computerized software to create the design
we have a unique feature in our cabinet; we put stained glass in the door of the upper corner cabinets

The following are examples of our work.

cap kitch 1.jpg (1115814 bytes)

This kitchen is ours done in black cherry.  All the upper cabinets are done with stained glass doors.  The entire top of the center isle is a chopping block.  All the appliances are  commercial.  We built the refrigerator in ash, and the floor is Pennsylvania blue stone.

better refregerator.jpg (1001172 bytes)

A little closer look at the refrigerator.  We construct the cabinet, and have a local refrigeration company install the cooling unit.  This type of refrigerator becomes the last one you buy.  Because the refrigeration unit is located in a utility room, it can be serviced or replaced as necessary.   Much more space than a conventional unit, and for those of you with tap systems this unit eliminates the need for multiple refrigerators.  One like this does cost about $4000.

cole 1.jpg (703947 bytes)

This is an example of a very simple and inexpensive kitchen done in oak.  The counter tops are tiled.

cole 2.jpg (775559 bytes)

Not the best picture, but another view of the same kitchen.

cole 3.jpg (678867 bytes)

Same kitchen with a better view of the counters.

The next series of photos are of another set of oak cabinets.  The unique feature we used with these is also difficult to see.  We made the countertops out of butcher block.  We then inset hand painted Pennsylvania blue stone into the butcher block.  We then did a poured epoxy finish to seal the tops.

atkinson corner.jpg (604180 bytes)

Our traditional corner cabinet.  Note, all the pictures of this set of cabinets are in our finish area; not installed.

atkinson 2.jpg (984587 bytes)

Two tiered center isle.

atkinson 3.jpg (1175775 bytes)

It was a large kitchen.

atkinson 4.jpg (1063951 bytes)

This is before the epoxy finish was applied.  We place the blue stone on each side of the stove.

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